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Sean Diaz is the name and photography is the passion. Born and raised in San Diego, I’ve experienced most of what America’s finest city has to offer. The best part of photography is getting to share those experiences with my viewers.

I started shooting at a very young age trying to imitate my father who’s also a photographer and have continued shooting ever since. Like many others I started out shooting film, but made the jump to digital in the beginning of 2011. I do still prefer the look and feel of film, there’s a lot to be said about an exposure developed by a photographer’s own hands. My skills have improved, but I continue to bring the same dedication and style to each of my exposures.

There are an endless amount of beautiful vistas in this world and hundreds of photographers for each. With my work I try to separate myself from the rest by looking beyond the obvious shot for that truly EXCLUSIVE piece of art. The thing I love most about photography and what keeps me shooting is the constant hunt for that perfect exposure. Just like that perfect wave of which every surfer dreams of, I want that one shot where every element comes together in my viewfinder harmoniously. I love nothing more than the feeling I get when I release my shutter, knowing at that exact moment I’ve seen and captured something no one else has ever, or may never see again.

I started SDPROPHO with the aim to show the beauty within the simple things of life, and hopefully creating a new respect for the world around us. The art of fixing a shadow has changed dramatically over the past century, but the power a photograph has to capture ones imagination, or to tell a story, has not. Let SDPROPHO capture your next moment and I’ll show you the world you’ve been missing. I appreciate your time and I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy bringing it to you.

You can also follow my work on
instagram: sdpropho

“ Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” – Matt Hardy
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